FINDEQ is founded in 2021 by Roy Haverkotte and Jeroen Noordkamp who both have more than 25+ years of experience in the worldwide trade of used equipment. Find, valuate, buy and sell are the keywords of FINDEQ. Our modern platform combines the power of these words with current marketpricings, historic valuations and supply and demand of used equipment all in one system.


The equipment we offer on our website are only visible for selected members and are NOT advertised on the internet. The big advantage from FINDEQ for you is that you won’t have to spend hours on the internet finding the equipment you need or call several traders to make bids. We will arrange this all for you!

As Buyer; Our main advantage is that we only offer you machines that really suit you. More info here.
As Seller; Our advantage is that we only offer your machine(s) to companies that are looking for such machine(s). More info here.
Valuation; Need a machine valuated which you want to sell or buy? Contact us, we will tell you the marketvalue. More info here.
Other services; As extra we are able to offer you additional services as, inspections, repairs, rebuild or repainting of equipment, leasing and transport. You can find all info here.

“FINDEQ saves you time and money by always collecting the best market price for you”

The FINDEQ concept

FINDEQ has developed an exclusive and independent platform for traders, dealers, brokers, rental companies, end-users, financial- and leasing companies involved in the used equipment business. Through our platform, selected members get exclusive access to equipment that is NOT advertised on any other internet sites. Newly added machines are sent by email to selected customers after which they can log in on FINDEQ to buy the machine or leave a bid . On our site all available information about our offers will be shown such as, availabillity, deliverytime, pricing, pictures, videos and inspection reports.

We want to work with you!

At FINDEQ we maintain a personal contact with our customers which gives us a constant overview of your supply and demand within our used equipment network. We are constantly looking for new ways of doing business and also like to work with you! Do you think that we could help each other and should be working together? Then do not hesitate and contact us today.

Founded in 2021, Experience since 1996!

Jeroen Noordkamp
Jeroen Noordkamp

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