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Telescopic Arm Excavator – Sold Hitachi ZX210LC-5B CTA to the USA


A returning customer is always good for your business. Our client in the USA asked us to find another telescopic arm (teledipper) excavator. We sourced a Hitachi ZX210LC-5B CTA from 2015, well maintained and available within a few weeks. We arranged an independent inspection of Mevas onsite and asked the owner to transport it to the port for us.

This ZX210 CTA is fitted with a Hitachi built S-TC200R-8 Telescopic vertical arm and has a digging depth of 21 meter below ground!

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Telescopic Arm Excavator – Sold Hitachi ZX350LC-6 CTA to the USA

One of our customers in the USA asked us to find a telescopic arm (teledipper) excavator. These machines are hard to find but FINDEQ started a search, found a Beautifull Hitachi ZX350LC-6 from 2018, well maintained and available in a few weeks. We aranged inspection onsite and transport to the port for him. Are you looking for a teledipper? Look at our productpage or just let us know!

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