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Material Handler – Sold Caterpillar MH3022 to the USA

Satisfied customers keep coming back. One of our clients bought his 5th machine from us. How we do business? Well he tells us the machine we need to find for him, max year, max hours and some specs he needs. This is how easy it is! Tell us what you need and we start finding equipment for you. This customer likes the CAT Materialhandlers and has several of them in Stock. He also operates used Sennebogen and Liebherr machines, renting them out throughout the USA. Rentaljob ready, machine for sale is his policy. We thank him for yest another machine, going for the next one and an ongoing relationship in the future.

Besides Material Handlers we also sell crushers, screening equipment and shredders, earthmoving and road construction machines. Need a machine? Want to sell a Machine? You are in Europe ? Contact us, lets find out how we can work together!

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Material Handler – Sold Caterpillar MH3026 to the USA


For a Customer in the USA we sourced a low hours 2021 CAT MH3026. This machine in company color fitted exact to the needs of the client. Together with the machine he bought a HGT Clamshell. Caterpillar Material Handler are being seen more and more making competition the Brands like Sennebogen, Terex Fuchs, Liebherr and Atlas.

If you are in need of a Material Handler from any of the above brands then contact us and tell us year, max hours and if you have your budget. We have many contacts, dealers, brokers and leasing companies offering us their equipment.

Handle it right! FINDEQ – FIND EQUIPMENT

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Shredder – Sold Willibald EP5500 Shark to a Customer in the Baltics


After an incoming request from a customer in the Baltic States we started looking for a used Biomass Shredder. After offering some possible options, we focused on a well maintained Willibald Shark shredder. We inspected it ourselves in Germany and after agreement form the customer we bought it. We hope that our customer will have a good feeling about the solution we offered him during this project.

Do you need an shredding , screening or crushing solution, We can Find you the right piece of equipment. Just call u, send an email, a whatsapp or a message and we will start working for you.

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Impact Crusher – Sold Terex Finlay I-130RS to Southern America

Terex Finlay Impact Crusher

For one of our customers in Southern America we got a request to source a used Terex Finlay impact crusher. The client a good knowledge and knew what his business needed. Through one of our trading colleagues we found a machine which after inspection we sold to the client. He asked FINDEQ to FIND EQUIPMENT for him, one of meanwhile many satisfied customer who use our services.

Do you know what you need, and need us to find equipment for you? Don`t hesitate, contact us today and let us help you continue your running business by finding the right piece of equipment.

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Double Shaft Slow Speed Shredder – Sold Haas HDWV-D700 to Southern Europe

From a Customer in Southern Europe we received a request to find a double shaft slow speed shredder. We found a Haas HDWV-D700 with an overband magnet and remote control. The customers wants to use this machine for waste grinding. After looking at several machines we offered him a few choices . The machine he bought was located in Northern Europe. Another happy customer who experienced the convenience of using FINDEQ.

Are you also searching for machines yourself and dont`s seem to find the right piece of equipment? 
Let us help you! Call, app or mail us today, tell us what equipment you need and start being part of our community.